Sunday, November 17, 2013

I have to say this:  It is really awesome being here in this mission and I am grateful to be here the spirit is huge.  But I had not counted on how much the homesickness would hit me.  I miss my family and I miss all of the friends at home.  Please understand we are where we are supposed to be but I needed to get over that wall.  One night as I was weepy, and it was my birthday and I wanted to be with my kids and we didn't have the internet at home yet and the cloud just descended upon me (how's that for a run on sentence) I dropped to my knees and pleaded with my Heavenly Father to help me get thru it.  You will never convince me that there is not power in prayer.  The very distinct voice came into my heart.  'Don't you think I miss you and want you to come home?  Please give that gift to my children.'  I learned that night that as much as I was missing my family and home is how much more our Heavenly Father is missing us.  He wants us to come home, I can testify to that, it was to powerful an experience.  So I am very greatly blessed to be here and I think finally a peace is starting to settle in my heart!  So please know how much I love you all and let's help each other to go HOME, Our Father wants us to come home!


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